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Table Of Contents
  • Order Cancellation
  • Double Payments
  • Untimely Delivery
  • Revisions
  • Undesirable Results

Order Cancellation

Canceling an order with us shall attract charges, but that will depend on whether we've started working on it or not. If we haven't started working on the order yet, we shall only charge you cancellation fees. However, if one of our experts has started working on it, we shall accept your cancellation, but on the condition that we deduct an amount equivalent to the work already done, besides the order cancellation fees. Last but not least, we do not accept cancellations on orders whose deadlines are within 24 hours.

Double Payments

Our payment gateway is always safe, easy to navigate, and transparent. However, we've experienced a few double deductions due to small unprecedented errors. We guarantee refunds on double payments. Simply forward both acknowledgment receipts for the two payments via our contact avenues and be sure to receive back your funds within a week or two.

Untimely Delivery

We'll always go hard to ensure that all clients' deadlines are met according to prior agreements. However, a few unprecedented hindrances like late responses and unclear instructions from your (the client's) side may cause us to deliver the order a bit late. We urge you to check your mail within every 12 hours to avoid missing important updates while your order is in force.


While we leave no stone unturned in the process of ensuring that all our Matlab solutions to your homework are 100% accurate, you may be dissatisfied with a few aspects of our solutions. In such a case, we commit ourselves to make the necessary adjustments, free of charge, provided that you request a revision within the deadline stated before. However, creating a set of new instructions for the correction to get done and or asking for an order revision after the agreed-upon deadline is unacceptable. If you do either or both of the above exceptions, we shall charge you for a new order.

Undesirable Results

We have no reported cases of failure so far; hurray! However, shall you register low grades, we promise to refund you half of the costs you incurred to get the order done by us. Please ensure that you make such requests within a 90-day period, after which we won't be able to process them. Moreover, it's important to understand that we do not offer refunds for scores above 49.99 percent.