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Table Of Contents
  • Limitation of Liability
  • Copyright
  • Using The Website
  • Duration Of Service
  • Service Termination Terms
  • Fraudulent Transactions

Limitation of Liability

We do not promise the sustainability, performance, or correctness of the information featured on our website. Therefore, we expect you to understand that such information may carry a few errors, which we aren't legally responsible for to whatever extent of the law. Continuing to use MatlabHomeworkHelper.com is an indication that you consent to this policy, and will not hold us liable for any claims connected to it.

MatlabHomeworkHelper legally owns all the information contained in its website. Such information includes all images, audio files, texts, and videos. We do not expect you to copy the information in part or full for whichever use without our written consent. Failure to comply with this policy shall attract appropriate penalties as provided by the law.

Using The Website

We deliver all our services via our website and not any other media. Upon receiving the services, we expect you to use them for legal purposes alone, failure to which we'll be obliged to terminate the contract and not offer you any refund. Furthermore, we ask you to keep our information free from unlawful access by any third party. We do not expect you to alter or use our content in any illegal way.

Duration Of Service

MatlabHomeworkHelper expects you to send your order alongside the expected reasonable date of delivery. We work to deliver answers to you at the right time as agreed before. We have no right to change this delivery time, and neither do you. However, if emergency issues intervene, we shall expect you to understand.

Service Termination Terms

Our contract begins immediately after we assign your order to the next available Matlab Assignment expert. At this point, we both have the right to terminate the contract. If we discover that you're using our SERVICES for unlawful purposes, we shall terminate our contract with you without a refund. However, if you end the contract before it's complete, you're not entitled to any refunds, too.

Fraudulent Transactions

MatlabHomeworkHelper accepts only online payments. If you notice that anyone has used your details to pay for services on our website, please notify us immediately so that we resolve the matter as promptly as possible. In the same way, if we notice that you've used someone else's details to pay for services on our website, we shall hold you responsible for his/her losses, terminate our contract with you, and even charge you for such losses. All we need is transparency in all our dealings with you.