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Table Of Contents
  • The Information We Collect From You
  • How We Use Your Information
  • Improving our services to you

The Information We Collect From You

We shall need the following details from your end;

  1. Your official name
  2. Personal contact details like email address and phone number
  3. Your demographic information e.g. country of origin
  4. Any other personal information needed to optimize the quality of service we offer

How We Use Your Information

We collect your information to use for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Storing essential records for future reference
  2. To help us conduct accurate market analysis
  3. Your information also helps us identify and profile you accordingly
  4. Helping us resolve disputes
  5. To help us prevent illegal activities

Improving our services to you


No one can have your information from us until we give it out with consent. Our high-end encryption provides accurate shielding that no third party can break into or unlock. On a few occasions, however, we may need to share your data with trusted organizations — like the government — or other parties that may help us secure it when major insecurity arises.

Cookies And How We Use Them

Cookies are tiny files that request to have some space on your computer's hard drive. Contrary to what most people may think, these small files do not meddle in your privacy. They're only there to help us know the pages of our website that you prefer to visit more frequently so that this information can help us build on your experience on the site. What's great, you always have control over accepting or denying these files the permission to stay on your computer. Even if you'd granted the permission before, you can withdraw the earlier decision.

We may feature links to other websites that are either advertising through us or working with us. Clicking such links will lead you to the underlying websites, with which our Privacy Policies differ. Once you get there, were no longer responsible for the privacy of your information.