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3 Tips for Students Who Need Help With MATLAB Assignment

MATLAB is a high-level programming language that is widely used in Engineering and Mathematics courses in universities. MATLAB is an acronym of Matrix laboratory. This sophisticated software is founded on matrices and vectors. This makes MATLAB be very popular and particularly useful in solving algebraic and differential equations, linear algebra, and numerical integration. Moreover, this software package also brags of a plethora of powerful graphical tools that can be used to produce quality 2D and 3D pictures.

Despite MATLAB being one of the easiest programming languages to learn, a number of students still struggle to solve their assignments. These students find it hard to grasp the functions and operations that are performed in MATLAB. At MatlabHomeworkHelper.com, we give all students the opportunity of attaining top grades in their MATLAB assignments. Our help with MATLAB assignment service can ease your stress and help you submit top quality solutions for your assignment.

If you are new to MATLAB here are tips that you may find useful when navigating around the software:

  • How to Start the MATLAB Engine
  • MAC: Double-click on the MATLAB icon

Windows: if the icon is not on the homepage, then click on the start menu button and then choose MATLAB from the menu. If you are using windows 10 then you can just search the word “MATLAB” on the search button.

Unix: Type matlab on the prompt.

To quit MATLAB, type exit in the command menu.

The MATLAB Environment

The MATLAB environment is almost similar to an ordinary word processor on most computer systems. It has menus, a writing area, and buttons. The software package has plenty of help functions that we encourage you to use when you are stuck or unsure. When you start MATLAB, the first area that comes up is called the command window. This is where you give commands to MATLAB. You can also use the command window as a scientific calculator and a graphing tool.

You will see a >> prompt in the command window. Your commands should come immediately after this prompt. Press when you are done with your command to run it. If you want to cancel or interrupt a MATLAB command that is running, type + .MATLAB stores all the commands you type in the command window. You can view them on the command history window.

Obtaining Help on MATLAB Commands

Obtaining help on any of the commands on MATLAB is easy. All you have to do is to type:


For example, if you want help on the gamma function then you simply type:

help gamma

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