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Matlab Programming Assignment Help Tips: The Debugging Process

So you have just completed writing your MATLAB assignment program. You are sure that this program, at the very least, will solve all the task allotted to you by your professor. But while running the program you see what you dreaded, a red error text. You should not curse or be frustrated. This post will guide you on how to solve some of the common types of errors you may encounter while coding. Remember our MATLAB programming assignment help is at your service to assist you will all your MATLAB projects. We boast of a proficient team of experts with extensive experience in coding with MATLAB. Our experts can provide you with immaculate code solutions that earn you decent grades.

There are two types of errors that may keep your program from running:

  • Compile time or Syntax errors: These errors are shown as a red bar on the right side of the MATLAB editor. They occur even before you run a MATLAB script.
  • Runtime errors: These errors only become apparent when you begin to run the program. The program will not execute if while running it encounters an error.

There are two methods of debugging a MATLAB program that can be used interchangeably. You can either use the editor/debugger or the debugging functions in the command window. Ensure you save your program first and that any files it calls are available in your search path before you begin the debugging process.

Set Breakpoints

Setting breakpoints allows you to pause the execution and examine the variables or values where you think the problem may be. You can either use the standard, conditional or error breakpoints.

Run File

After you have set the breakpoints, run your MATLAB file. During the running process, the run button changes to a pause button and the prompt in the command window becomes a K>> to indicate that MATLAB has switched to debugging mode.

Pause a Running File

Pausing is important because it helps you ensure that your program is running as expected. Go to the editor tab and click the pause button to pause a program that is being executed. If you are done, you can click on the continue button.

Find and Fix Errors

You can make the necessary changes on the values of variables or modify the codes while your code is paused.

Viewing and Changing Variable While Debugging

This is done to see whether a line of code returns the expected result or not. To view and change variable, position your mouse cursor to the left of the variable. A data tip will appear as the current value of the variable. The tip will be visible until you move your cursor. If a data tip doesn’t appear, click on the line containing the variable.

Modifying a Section of Code While Debugging

You can modify the part of the file that has not run yet while the code is paused. To do this, select all the code after the breakpoint, and right click. Then choose to evaluate selection from the context menu. You can undo changes or stop debugging and save after code evaluation is complete.

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